Reduced is an innovative food production company. We specialise in creating high-quality food products made from organic surplus produce.

Our mission is to reduce food waste by using vegetables, protein and other sources of nutrition leftover from the conventional food industry. Always with a focus on taste, quality and sustainability.

Right now, all our time and effort is going into cooking and developing stock. Stock is one of the main elements of professional cooking as it forms the base of deep and intense flavours. Stock is also a product that allows us to use vegetables and protein from alternative sources. Hence, we use seaweed, shore crabs, egg-laying chickens and bull calf bones in our recipes. All produce that traditionally wouldn’t be used in conventional food production due to its texture, shape, size or colour. But this doesn’t matter to us. As long as the quality is high, and the taste is on point – we use it.

We want to keep developing and challenging how we think of produce and food products. So far we’ve learnt this takes time and can be frustrating. But hopefully, our approach to food production can contribute to the reduction of food waste and bring healthy products into the kitchen and homes of many.



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